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About us

The story behind Jepp

We wanted to find a way to work proactively to reduce employee ill health and to reach out to the entire company organization, both in terms of types of individuals and their geographic location. Existing wellness programmes also focused almost exclusively on exercise, while health to us consisted of so much more. Right from the start, the idea was therefore to include all the seven health areas we had identified, namely Stress, Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Alcohol, Tobacco and Contentment. Using digital means to reach individuals who are spread out over a large geographic area is no problem. The tougher nut to crack was instead how to reach those individuals who don’t normally sign up to wellness activities, and how to achieve long-term changes in behaviour. We found the answers to these questions not in classical health research, but within behavioural psychology and computer games - gamification. What we found to be the key to behaviour change is to make it accessible, simple, fun and without any real possibility of failing. And the key to long-term change is to induce users to “hang in there”, by letting the individuals monitor their advances, measure themselves against others and make them feel proud. To date, employers have offered several thousand employees the opportunity to use Jepp, and we have collected valuable statistics. For example, 9 out of 10 users change their health behaviour within at least one health area. And those in greatest need of health improvements are also those that achieve the greatest change using Jepp. We can also make sure we actually reach all employees, not just those who are already sold on wellness. Have you done a little something for your health today? The answer to that question could be Jepp!