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Get started in a minute, come back 30 seconds per day

Jepp is something that is very easy to get started with. Add the jepps you feel are right for you and answer some questions about you and your health. Then you really only have to check it out for half a minute each day to see the small, easy ways in which you can improve your health today.

6 great things about Jepp

Simple and concrete

A jepp is something easy and concrete that you can do today to improve your health, such as “Eat a carrot” or “Smile at 2 people.

Get started quickly

Get started in a minute, come back 30 seconds per day. Completing your activities is the important thing.

As made for you

Diet, sleep, exercise, stress, enjoyment, tobacco and alcohol. You will get small, easy ways in which to improve your health in the areas you need it.

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

As our jobs take up a lot of our days, we chose to focus on your workplace. With Jepp, you can start a team with your colleagues!

Accept challenges

With your team, you can accept challenges. Difficult and easy, strange and funny. “Hug 100 colleagues” or “Sleep 400 hours in 1 week”.

Your development

For each completed jepp you get points, so that you can keep track of your improvements. Compare your points with those of others, or set a goal for yourself.